Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy Bee!

Hello friends,

I have been super busy, sorry I have not updated in awhile. I'm also very exhausted. Things are moving a long slowly, I have been having a few complications, but nothing to life threatening. I been back to work for a week now and thats been a little tough, but I'm managing.
I'm 17 weeks, and feeling more energized lately. My eating habits are a bit crazy. I'm always so hungry in the morning so I'll eat a bowl of cereal or eggs. I was craving fish, fried fish that is but I haven't had a chance to eat any. I'm now craving a baked potato with cheese & sour cream & of course salt. I want to eat salt with everything!! I know its bad for me and I been told that the more I eat salt the more swelling I'll get later and not to mention high blood pressure. I've been good at managing, but the more I don't have it the more I want it so that's a struggle.
Because I was put on bedrest for a week being back at work has been hard. I find myself more sluggish and tired just knowing that I have to stand for 7 hours a day so I'm trying to think positive while I'm at work to make it less harder on myself. We are really busy on Friday & Saturday nights as it is a casino but I'm surprising myself and managing everything to the best of my ability. I can't afford to take time off so what more can I do.
Things on the home front are good. This past weekend I was able to get ALL ten baskets of laundry washed, dried, folded, AND put away. For that I'm proud of myself. :) Thank God I have a loving boyfriend who cooks for me everyday so I'm not a manic in the kitchen everyday. I have a dog & cat who can't stand one another but I still manage to keep them under control as well. My cat however is begging for more affection. She now has made her way to sleeping with me, and my sleeping sitition is not all that great so when I move she moves so I'm hoping to kick her out the bed soon.
I'm not really showing much of a baby bump but its getting there. I say in two weeks everyone will notice it. I'll keep ya updated with everything as time moves along. Good night!